Calls, Visits, and Letters:

From Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officials, or Regulatory Agency Investigators

Unless the matter involves a usual or customary interaction, when your office receives a call, visit, or a letter from an attorney, law enforcement official, or regulatory agency investigator, including the FBI, CIA, OSHA, or ICE, your office should refer the individual (or forward the letter) immediately to OGC. 

For unannounced visits from ICE or other government agents for immigration related enforcement actions, your office should immediately call OGC at (202) 994-6503 and George Washington Police Department (GWPD) at (202) 994-9139 or GWPD Emergency at (202) 994-6111 and refer to Unannounced Visits by Government Agents for Immigration Related Enforcement Actions.   It is critical that you do not speak to the individual about university matters, or otherwise allow the individual access to university premises or university records without contacting OGC first.  University offices and employees that interact with such agencies and officials as part of their day-to-day work need not contact OGC on those routine matters.