Staff List

The Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel team



Beth Nolan
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Charles K. Barber
Deputy General Counsel

Mary Lynn Reed
Senior Counsel

Thomas (Tom) Smith
Senior Counsel

Richard Weitzner
Senior Counsel

Elizabeth (Betsy) Wanger
Senior Counsel

Abbey V. Richards
Associate General Counsel and Senior Advisor

Stephanie Baldwin
Associate General Counsel

Toi Carter
Associate General Counsel

Michelle Gluck
Associate General Counsel

Caroline (Carrie) O'Neill
Associate General Counsel

Charles R. Pollack
Assistant General Counsel

Brandon Flick
Attorney Fellow



Milyeri Matthee
Special Assistant to the General Counsel

Lauren Matsushita
Finance and Operations Analyst

Jonni Aldrich
Legal Technology Support Specialist

Andrew Mabon

Carrie Wilson
Administrative Supervisor and Paralegal

Kintora Chapman
Legal and Administrative Assistant

Arvia Lynch
Legal Secretary