Checklist for Front Desk Staff

This checklist is for the first individual in an office who is contacted in the unannounced visit.  This may be a receptionist or other individual.

  1. Remain calm and courteous, and contact your Supervisor immediately. If you are not able to reach your Supervisor, immediately call and follow the instructions of George Washington Police Department (GWPD) and the Office of General Counsel (OGC):
    • GWPD Duty Supervisor at (202) 994-9139 or GWPD Emergency at (202) 994-6111; and
    • OGC at (202) 994-6503
  2. Request credentials or identification of Agent(s); make copies if not provided with business cards.  If Agents refuse to have their identification copied and do not provide business cards, write down their name, agency, title and any badge number. They are not likely to refuse to let you write down this information but, if they do, alert GWPD immediately.
  3. Do not give Agents access to university offices or non-public spaces beyond the public waiting area. You can state, “I am not authorized to let you enter beyond this area. I will call our university police department now so they may speak with you.” Under no circumstances should you attempt to physically obstruct Agents’ activities.
  4. If the Agents are outside a secured building that requires access by code or by other means to enter, do not let the Agents in to the building, even if they hold a warrant up to the door. If questioned, state, “I do not have authority to let you enter, but I will call our university police department now so they may speak with you.”
  5. Do not answer questions about GW employees or students, or give out any information. If pressed, state, “I am not authorized to respond to questions but will call our university police department, which may be able to do so.”