Requests for Student Records

What to Do

Requests for student records should be made to the department or division where the record is held. 

Transcripts and certifications can be obtained through the Office of the Registrar.

Federal law requires that special procedures be followed when the university receives a subpoena or other request for records concerning student(s).  

In general, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides that without a release from the student, educational records may not be disclosed to persons outside the university other than the student.  

There are, however, certain exceptions. For example, one exception permits the university to provide copies of student records in connection with judicial proceedings, but only if (1) the university has received a valid subpoena for the records; and (2) the university, before complying with the subpoena, makes a reasonable effort to notify the student that it has received a subpoena and intends to produce the requested records so that the student may seek protective action.

Therefore, before furnishing copies of educational records to third parties, it is important that university offices comply with the following procedures:

  • Subpoena Procedure:  A university office that receives a request for student records by subpoena should follow the procedures explained in Subpoenas, Summonses and Other Legal Documents: What to Do.  

  • Call OGC:  A university office that receives a request for student records in any other form should immediately telephone OGC. Ask to speak with an attorney about the request.  Be sure to tell the attorney who received the request and the date and manner in which it was received.

  • Forward the Request to OGC:  Carry or send the record request to OGC.  An attorney will review the request to determine whether it is valid and what response is required, if any. The attorney will coordinate with you regarding the response and may ask the office to collect responsive documents.  

  • Do Not Produce Any Records until the Request Has Been Approved by OGC:  While the request is being reviewed by OGC, the office should not produce any records, even if the request contains an imminent deadline for a response or the requesting party contacts the office and urges a response. Refer any such calls to OGC.  OGC will coordinate the response to the request.  

For more information see the university's Privacy of Student Records policy.