Checklist for Supervisors

  1. If not already done by Front Desk Staff, call of George Washington Police Department (GWPD) and the Office of General Counsel (OGC)
    • GWPD Duty Supervisor at (202) 994-9139 or GWPD Emergency at (202) 994-6111; and
    • OGC at (202) 994-6503
  2. Only after those contacts have been made and credentials have been verified by Front Desk Staff, escort Agents to the predetermined room. Ask the Agents to wait there until you receive instruction from GWPD or OGC.
  3. Ask the Agents about the purpose of their visit and try to determine if an individual or GW is being investigated.
  4. Agents must present a valid warrant in order to gain access to the items or individuals they are seeking. Send the warrant to GWPD at [email protected]. GWPD, in consultation with OGC and other GW offices as needed, will determine if the warrant is valid. Do not provide information, documents or summon the subject of the warrant unless directed by GWPD or OGC.
  5. Once instructed by GWPD or OGC, only provide information requested in the warrant.
  6. Do not waive any rights or provide consent to any activity beyond what is authorized in the warrant.
  7. Make copies, if possible, of anything being taken. Keep a list, if possible, if copies cannot be made.